Your Spring Skincare Routine - A Time for Renewal + Rejuvenation

When it comes to your skin, it is very vital to remember that as the seasons change, so should your skincare routine! The different elements definitely affect your skin so take a look at what things you should be doing to transition your skin from winter to spring: 




  • Exfoliate your skin. Use a moisturizing exfoliant to take off the dry lingering layer of winter. However, be sure to use an exfoliant that still delivers nutrients and not strip the skin. We recommend our Glow Getter or Future is Matte
  • Hydrate yourself. This might sound cliche but increasing your water intake a gallon a day is an absolute must in the warmer season. 
  • Do not forget sunscreen! You should always wear sunscreen but now more than ever, since your skin is regenerating new cells - you don’t want the sun to darken any hyperpigmentation. We love the hyaluronic acid watery sun gel by Isntree
  • Eat what is in season when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Every meal should include about 1-2 cups of in season dark green veggies and you should incorporate fruits into your snacking. This is an easy antioxidant booster - your skin will LOVE you for this! 
  • Make the switch to a lighter moisturizer. This will keep you hydrated but avoid any excess oil.  We love Fresh’s Lotus Moisturizer and ending our night with the Glow To Sleep Oil to lock in the outer (and inner) glow for the next day. 
  • Look for products with fresh ingredients. Future is Matte is one of our most nutritiously dense masks, which means you do not have to have oily skin to use. It speeds up skin regeneration while depositing phytonutrients that give you an incredible dewy fresh glow!
  • Minimize the appearance of dark spots. Since the weather is getting warmer, your makeup will tend to be more sheer, which means dark spots will be more apparent. Heal and fade your spots for a fresher, lighter look. With every use of our masks, your dark spots will lighten.




Springtime is also a great time to prep for your summer body skin - you can tackle bacne, uneven congested body skin, chest acne, dry dark elbows, knees by using our See Spot Run. This formula is great to even skin tone, detox skin and pull toxins out. 

The transition from the harsh winter months to a warm spring into hot summer is a time for renewal and rejuvenation. Take the time to listen to your skin and see what it needs from you. It is healing from the colder climate. Your daily routine changes as the seasons change so make sure your skincare routine does as well!

When it comes to your skin, it is very vital to remember that as the seasons change, so should your skincare routine.