About Us

Founded in July 2021 by Zareefa Arije, Ammu Beauty is on a mission to deliver clean, ayurvedic skincare to preserve everyone's natural beauty. Inspired by and named after her late mother, Ammu Beauty is rooted in the ayurvedic beauty practices her mother practiced in her kitchen growing up having learned very early on that anything could be cured with the right food and herbs.

What started as an outlet for grieving after her mother passed away in February of 2020, spiraled into something extraordinary. Hours of writing formulas, paired with months of meticulous ingredient research, topped off with several months of testing, and a lot of love along the way, birthed the newest beauty brand for everyone to adopt into their daily routines and finally begin to prioritize themselves in the purest form of love, self-love. 

Zareefa developed Ammu Beauty with the desire to restore the connection between you and your skin, and reignite the spark of self love in you. 

Taking her mother’s century-old, natural remedies and creating a refined version of her mother’s love that she can share with the whole world, Ammu Beauty delivers recipes documented in the earliest beauty rituals providing refined products rooted in high-quality ingredients that have healed skin conditions around the world for centuries; sans the man-made, or lab-made ingredients.

The Ayurvedic beauty brand creates micro-batched, hand-crafted products people don’t know they need - and won’t be able to live without. Hand-poured in its purest and most potent form, each bottle is the embodiment of Ammu’s love for her daughter, Zareefa.

Ammu's Story

Ammu made everyone feel like the main character. She wanted everyone to see their own beauty. She saw their beauty when they didn't see it themselves. She advocated for self-prioritization, and self love. 

My mom was a master formulator in her own world. For years, she used century-old remedies and her intensive studies stuck with me leading us both to become fascinated by the natural world. We tackled personal skin conditions, health conditions all without depending on a single chemical. My mom made everyone she ever met feel like her top priority. She wanted to help everyone. She loved everyone, even if she just met you in passing, she'd tell you how much she loved you.

She would share all her healing knowledge and these magical concoctions with the people she loved. When she suddenly passed, a great sense of responsibility shifted to me. The creation of Ammu Beauty felt more than just a skincare line. For me, it was truly helping people all over the world fall back in love with themselves through healing their skin. We emphasize self-love and self-prioritization. It is amazing how much impact you have on a single person by just helping them fall back in love with themselves.

We never wanted to be the best-selling skincare line, but we are striving to be the most impactful - because that is what Ammu was, she was impactful, to everyone in their lives.

With Ammu Beauty, we've brought Ammu's century-old recipes to life, just refined, and now we are able to share her deep love with the world.

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