Ways to Keep Your Skin Thriving on Vacation – Travel Skincare Tips

Traveling while staying true to your skincare routine is not easy. Between changing climates, lack of sleep, less opportunities to drink your 8 glasses of water a day and if you’re flying, possibly having some full-sized products be thrown out in security because you forgot about the 3.4oz liquid carry on rule…your skin can get really messed up if you’re not careful! Luckily, here are some tips and tricks to make sure your travel skincare is on point so you and your skin are thriving on vacation, no matter where you are going!

  •  Before flying, making sure your skin is extra hydrated is key. Plane cabins suck the moisturizer out of your skin, so it is essential to use a hydrating cleanser and load up on moisturizer. Hydrating creams and moisturizing lotions, along with drinking tons of warm water and using hydrating facial mists or moisturizing masks, will keep you from drying up. We recommend the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, which is a hydrating moisturizer that almost all skin types can use – it is also good for both face and body, so you only have to pack one product vs two to keep you hydrated your whole trip!

  • Absolutely do no forget to lather on sunscreen! Regardless of climate, the sun is strong everywhere you go so don’t skimp out on 50+ SPF sunscreen. Sunscreen protects your face from harmful UV rays and will help avoid getting wrinkles, sunspots and hyperpigmentation from getting darker in the future! 

  • Wash your face no matter how tired you are from the day’s activities. Face cleansing is a vital part of keeping your skin happy and healthy during your trip so this is non-negotiable. Your travel skincare routine should include a face cleanser that can wash off makeup, buildup and excess oil in one. Face wash should just never be skipped in your normal skincare routine, so definitely not in your travel skincare routine either!


  • Make sure you are trying to be well-rested on your trip. All of the hydrating moisturizers, under eye masks, vitamin c serums and dark spot correctors in the world cannot make up for a good night’s sleep. We love using our Glow to Sleep Oil before bed, as the last step of our skincare routine, to wake up to visibly brighter, firmer, even-toned skin. But again, all of the best skincare products in the world will not help if you are not getting good sleep while traveling!

  • Pack travel friendly skincare – whether its travel-sized skincare products or powder products. We love traveling with The Trifecta – the perfect mixture of natural skincare that works as an exfoliator to remove all the layers of dull skin, moisturizers and sunscreen on oily, dry and combination skin. The Trifecta will leave you with incredibly bright, even, texture-free skin and all you have to do to activate it is add water! This travel-friendly skincare kit will have you breezing through security, with plenty of time to start your skincare routine before your flight! 


Hopefully this helps you nail down your travel skincare routine and has your skin thriving and vibing along with you on your travels! 

When it comes to your skin, it is very vital to remember that as the seasons change, so should your skincare routine.