About Us

Owner's story. Nutritiously-dense plant materials, herbs, and spices have all been used throughout the world since the documentation of beauty rituals began thousands of years ago.  We have sourced the most powerful and potent ingredients.

Growing up, my mom, Ammu, was the epitome of beauty. Her kitchen was her beauty store. I vividly remember waking up early Sunday mornings to the smell of warming sandalwood. The kitchen sink handles still sticky from the honey she used in her homemade masques.

We were best friends, she taught me everything about preserving your natural beauty. We had so many things in common, one being our fascination with clean beauty. I learned very early on that anything could be cured with the right food and herbs.

A couple of months after Ammu passed, I decided to start Ammu Beauty in honor of the woman who taught me everything I know about beauty. We have recreated formulas Ammu had been making for decades and we can't wait for your skin to have the experience of a lifetime.